I found myself looking at my iPhone, thinking “I wish I could customise this a little more”. That got me thinking about Android and its customisation options. I wished I were able to change the icons, have space where there currently is none, set the dock colour or remove the dock completely. iOS does have some customisation can you can change some icons, but that is dependent on the developer of the apps to add this s a feature into their app. To me that…Continue Reading “Customisation is it needed?”

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go has announced that more Legendary Pokemon will be coming to the raids around the world. Team Mystic Articuno: Saturday, July 22nd – Monday, 31st July Team Valor Moltres: Monday, 31st July – Monday, 7th August Team Instinct Zapdos: Monday, 7th August – Monday 14th August

Amazon Try Prime Overview: See films and shows in HD quality. This is included in the Prime Membership, which comes with a lot of other benefits, including the 1-day shipping. Prime video has grown in recent years. Now the service has original and exclusive content including the wildly successful Mr. Robot and American Gods. As well as a whole host of other film and TV options spanning years. Access: Browsers, Smart TVs, Smart Boxes, Consoles, Phone, and Tablet. Notably,  Apple TV coming soon. Before the end…Continue Reading “Video Streaming Services “

With the 1 year anniversary of Pokemon go well under way. Pokemon Go Live has announced that Legendary Pokemon, the first to be seen in the game. Will be arriving in Great Park Pokemon Fest and the training in Chicago success, they will have unlocked the legendary  Pokemon for everyone all around the world. On July 22, thousands of Trainers in Grant Park for Pokémon GO Fest and the millions of others around the world will be working together to unlock in-game bonuses for the…Continue Reading “The Legends Have Arrived (or will soon): Pokemon GO News”

There is a video at the moment that is getting a lot of attention. First of all, here is that video? What’s going on? Every video camera is just a camera that takes X number of pictures every second. This is call a “frame rate” , display devices, such as the screen you’re seeing this on now has has a frame rate too, normally referred to as the refresh rate.  Us humans and our monkey brains, perceive fluid motion from a frame rate of roughly…Continue Reading “Floating Bird: Whats it all about?”

Pokemon Go has been a huge hit since its release last year. However as players level up it gets increasing difficult to get to the next level. One of the biggest ways to gain exp is by evolving Pokemon. In order to evolve a Pokemon, a player has to collect enough of them to meet a requirement. This is known as candy. Each Pokemon requires a certain amount of candy to evolve. For example a Charmander requires 25 candy to evolve. Now a standard Pokemon…Continue Reading “Pokemon Go – Pokemon to evolution chart”

On the back of World Emoji Day, The Emoji Awards have taken place and the winners have been announced via EmojiAward’s twiiter account. Some highlights are: Best New Emoji: 1st Face Palm 2nd Rolling on the Floor Laughing 3rd Person Shrugging   Most Anticipated Emoji goes to: The Welsh Flag   Lifetime Achievement Award: 1st Face with Tears of Joy   2nd Pile of Poo 3rd Thinking face   For more information about Emoji, visit Emojipedia. (images of Emoji, supplied by Emojipedia, and based on the design from…Continue Reading “Top 3 New Emoji for 2017 Announced and More!”

Coming later this year, before the end of 2017, Apple will included new emoji, as highlighted by the Emoji 5.0 update that was confirmed earlier this month by the Unicode Consortium. Not sure what I mean? Check out this post for more information. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and I’m sure all the others will also update their take on these Emoji before the end of the year. Apple has previewed the below Emoji. Zebra; Why hasn’t this been including until now? Dino;  We are in 2017,…Continue Reading “Apple Releases Preview of New Emoji”

Yes That’s right, today 17th of July is World Emoji Day. Where did emoji come from and why is it so popular today? First of all we need to look at how computers stored human readable text around the world. Seemingly each country had their own way of doing it, which was the best way for them. This made sense, as there are more efficient ways of storing eastern language characters than western ones, and vice versa. The internet was born and there needed to…Continue Reading “World Emoji Day: Where did emoji come from?”

The official Doctor Who Twitter account has tweeted that there will be a big announcement after the men’s final at Wimbledon this coming Sunday,  we will find out the identity of the actor or actress  who will be playing  the 13th Doctor.  The full tweet can be seen below:   Exclusive News: It’s Almost Time. #DoctorWho pic.twitter.com/rB4t1RH8Dx — Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) July 14, 2017 Update:16 July 2017 The BBC has kept to their word of announcing the next person to play the iconic  role…Continue Reading “[Updated] :Meet the New Doctor: Doctor Who News”