Today the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are avaliable and on general sale.  As discussed in this weeks episode of ControlEnter,  Adam is really thinking about getting an iPhone 8. So it got me thinking. Should I update? Or Should you? I will add a caveat now. That all the below assumes you do not want the iPhone X for some reason. (Ā£999 for a phone šŸ˜©). My thoughts are, if you have an Android Phone that is a year old or so, so…Continue Reading “Should you upgrade to the iPhone 8?”

Iā€™ve been an Apple Music subscriber since its debut a couple of years ago. I have enjoyed discovering new music and revisiting my favourite albums and songs from the past. I wanted to see if Jimmy Carrā€™s comedy shows were available on iTunes, so mistakingly I opened Apple Music. My guess is that I was really focusing on something else and my iTunes app is buried deep in the ā€œApple Appsā€ folder on my home screen. Long story short, I searched for Jimmy Carr on…Continue Reading “More Than Just Music”

I found myself looking at my iPhone, thinking ā€œI wish I could customise this a little moreā€. That got me thinking about Android and its customisation options. I wished I were able to change the icons, have space where there currently is none, set the dock colour or remove the dock completely. iOS does have some customisation can you can change some icons, but that is dependent on the developer of the apps to add this s a feature into their app. To me that…Continue Reading “Customisation is it needed?ļ»æ”

Amazon Try Prime Overview: See films and shows in HD quality. This is included in the Prime Membership, which comes with a lot of other benefits, including the 1-day shipping. Prime video has grown in recent years. Now the service has original and exclusive content including the wildly successful Mr. Robot and American Gods. As well as a whole host of other film and TV options spanning years. Access: Browsers, Smart TVs, Smart Boxes, Consoles, Phone, and Tablet. Notably,Ā Ā Apple TV coming soon. Before the end…Continue Reading “Video Streaming ServicesĀ “

There is a video at the moment that is getting a lot of attention. First of all, here is that video? Whatā€™s going on? Every video camera is just a camera that takes X number of pictures every second. This is call a ā€œframe rateā€ , display devices, such as the screen youā€™re seeing this on now has has a frame rate too, normally referred to as the refresh rate.Ā  Us humans and our monkey brains, perceive fluid motion from a frame rate of roughly…Continue Reading “Floating Bird: Whats it all about?”

Simply, Net Neutrality means that all data transmitted over the internet is treated equally, without prejudice. In accordance to this, this also means that no matter what the data relates to, be it a game, a show on Netflix, a WhatsApp message or pornography. It needs to be served to the end use without any special treatment or without discrimination.Ā  Since the internetā€™s inception and as popularly of it grew, businesses offering service could potentially artificially disrupt the traffic, either by slowing down access speeds,…Continue Reading “Net Neutrality; What Is It?”

Mini Metro: Review Have you ever been in the need of a quick, pick up and play game that is simple to understand, easy to navigate, challenging and yet, has a learning curve that enables you to engage your mind? Mini Metro is the game for you. FromĀ Dinosaur Polo club, this not only a mind challenging game, a masterpiece in design, but also a delight to listen to. Aim of the game is to carryĀ peopleĀ from station to station, using subway lines that you create by…Continue Reading “Relaxation Game: Mini Metro”

Why? Here are a few tips that I have learned over the last few years, in the age of being connected all day every day. I’m still learning, so I guess this is a Mid-2017 release and you can expect some more tips to follow. 1: Take Control of Your NotificationsĀ  One of the most important services your devices give you is the ability to notify you of everything. An incoming message, an email, a new song has been released on Spotify or even your…Continue Reading “5 Ways To Reduce Technological Anxiety”

Having access to the latest operating system on your device, weather that be a smart phone, tablet, computer or even your watch is of paramount importance. The latest update will contain not only new features, visual tweaks and greater speed, but will also included the latestĀ security updates and fixes that are just not present on older versions of operating systems. Apple has to be applauded for keeping devices ruining the latest version of their software for as long as possible. Mac machines release as far…Continue Reading “Will you be able to access the latest OS’s?”

Last week I wrote about my wants and needs for WWDC, following on from this i wanted to look back at what I wanted, and what was announced on Monday. I will be grading my wants and needs from Ā 1- 3 Stars, 1 being didn’t get it at all to 3 being smashed it. Ā Notifications Ā With the next version of iOS, I would like to see major improvements way notifications are presented. I much preferred the way the notifications looked on iOS 7 ā€“ iOS…Continue Reading “WWDC Wants and Needs ā€“ iOS – Revisited”