Just in time for the big update, that includes new levels. You can not snatch Super Mario Run for half the it was last week. Download the App for free in the AppStore. There is an in-app purchase to unlock the whole game. This will now cost £4.99. Click the link below to download on your iPhone/iPad  Super Mario Run – Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go has announced that more Legendary Pokemon will be coming to the raids around the world. Team Mystic Articuno: Saturday, July 22nd – Monday, 31st July Team Valor Moltres: Monday, 31st July – Monday, 7th August Team Instinct Zapdos: Monday, 7th August – Monday 14th August

Pokemon Go has been a huge hit since its release last year. However as players level up it gets increasing difficult to get to the next level. One of the biggest ways to gain exp is by evolving Pokemon. In order to evolve a Pokemon, a player has to collect enough of them to meet a requirement. This is known as candy. Each Pokemon requires a certain amount of candy to evolve. For example a Charmander requires 25 candy to evolve. Now a standard Pokemon…Continue Reading “Pokemon Go – Pokemon to evolution chart”

From now until the 14th August you can get the Lenendry Shiny Tapu Koko in game. This is distributed from the in game Mystery Gift feature. The Pokemon will have the following moves: Natures Madness (the signature move of the Tapu’s) Discharge Electro Ball Agility Tapu Koko will have the Electic Surge ability and come holding an Electic Seed. Other Details: Level: 60 Type: Electic/Fairy How to get your Shiny Tapu Koko Select Mystry Gift from the ingame menu Select Recieve Gift Select “Get via…Continue Reading “Pokemon Sun & Moon: Get Shiny Tapu Koko”

Mini Metro: Review Have you ever been in the need of a quick, pick up and play game that is simple to understand, easy to navigate, challenging and yet, has a learning curve that enables you to engage your mind? Mini Metro is the game for you. From Dinosaur Polo club, this not only a mind challenging game, a masterpiece in design, but also a delight to listen to. Aim of the game is to carry people from station to station, using subway lines that you create by…Continue Reading “Relaxation Game: Mini Metro”

Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Switch Genre: Third person Shooter Mode: Single player and multiplayer (8 max) Release Date: 21st July 2017   A direct sequel to 2015’s Splatoon; Splatoon 2 is a multi-player shooter game which sees players control characters known as Inklings. Inklings wield ink shooting weapons designed to attack opponents and complete objectives. Inklings have two forms, the first an ink weapon wielding humanoid, the second a squid form able to swim through ink. Players will also have the ability to utilise amiibo…Continue Reading “Splatoon 2”

Pokémon Go: Top tips for gaining xp! The recent release of the update to gyms brings raids, a party system allowing players to team up to take down high CP Pokémon. Coupled with the chance of new items and a chance to catch rare Pokémon; this is quite a significant update. More info here There is one catch; players at present must be level 20 or greater to participate. Now whilst many hardcore players have already well beaten the minimum level requirement, many returning players…Continue Reading “Pokémon Go: Top tips for gaining xp!”

The Golden Age of 16-bit Gaming has returned Nintendo has announced a successor to the suddenly discontinued NES Classic of last year. 2017 brings the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES for short. This was one of the most popular gaming machines of the 90’s, before the N64 and the Playstaion One. This console was the king of living room gaming. No Call of Duty of GTA5, just pure fun for the family. If you are 28-35 right now, you will most likely remember having…Continue Reading “Nintendo SNES Classic: Announced!”