Should you upgrade to the iPhone 8?

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Today the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are avaliable and on general sale. 

As discussed in this weeks episode of ControlEnter,  Adam is really thinking about getting an iPhone 8. So it got me thinking. Should I update? Or Should you?

I will add a caveat now. That all the below assumes you do not want the iPhone X for some reason. (£999 for a phone 😩).

My thoughts are, if you have an Android Phone that is a year old or so, so the Samsung Galaxy S7 or earlier. The Sony Xperia Z or earlier, and you’re feeling an iPhone, yes, get one.

Any iPhone that is the 6S or before it is a worthy upgrade. The speed and other improvements on the phone are worth it.

The iPhone 7 to be 8, would only really be worth it if you are in major need of wireless charging. Or you are a speed freak, and want that performance boost. 

However, if you are thinking of switching sizes. Either from a 4.7” device, to a 5.5” Plus model (or vice versa), then why not get the lastest one?.

However, if you like the look and feel of the iPhone 8, and you are due an upgrade, the power of the device is the same as the iPhone X, so this is a great phone by any means and if you spend a lot of time with your phone, and using it. Why not make it a little faster to get the job done quicker.