More Than Just Music

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I’ve been an Apple Music subscriber since its debut a couple of years ago. I have enjoyed discovering new music and revisiting my favourite albums and songs from the past.
I wanted to see if Jimmy Carr’s comedy shows were available on iTunes, so mistakingly I opened Apple Music. My guess is that I was really focusing on something else and my iTunes app is buried deep in the “Apple Apps” folder on my home screen.

Long story short, I searched for Jimmy Carr on in the Apple Music app. Amazingly there were results and all his DVD releases are there, in album form. I was shocked, and can’t believe I didn’t know this before.

Readers of SayceMedia know that I love podcasts, and listen to them almost everyday. I also love audiobooks. Finding out that there are loads of stand-up comedy available to instantly stream, is absolutely fantastic.

So far I have had success in searching for Jimmy Carr and Eddie Izard.

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Laughing and Joking – Jimmy Carr