Apple September Event: What can we expect?

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September is almost here and we are yet to hear if there will be an event in September 2017.

There is almost no doubt in the fact that Tim Cook will be on stage to give us the line “Everything is going great” and they have no time talk about finances and want to get straight into the product annocuements. 

What can we expected to be in this event? I run down my thoughts and feelings on what will be shown and spoken about on stange this September.

  • iOS 11 recap – The master of the pun, Crag Federigi will show us the key points of iOS 11 again. This will largely be the same as the June WWDC keynote present action.
  • macOS High Sierra Recap – again, much the same as the June keynote presentation.
  • New Apple Watch – the Apple Watch is said to be getting a refresh with built in mobile data to increase the devices independence from the iPhone. Dubbed Apple Watch Seris 3. Along with this will be a review of watchOS 4
  •  A look at the new Mac Hardware – With the iMac Pro being shipped in December it is likely that we will see this again. This will not take up much time, I suspect that there will be another event in November/December for this.
  • New iPhone devices – The focus of the event. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. These will be the usual “s” round updates, faster processors, better cameras, alround incramental update for that line.
  • iPhone X / 8 / Special 10 year – along with the S models, Apple will most likely left the vale on a new model that fits a plus sized screen in a body in between the 7 and 7 plus. With advanced display, processer camera system. Featuring a button less front of the device, meaning the home button is no more. There will be a new secure method of unlocking the phone, maybe Face ID? 
  • One more thing – I think there will be a little token mention of the Apple TV and a new 4K version. We know Apple is working on original content, and getting deals in place with studios to get their 4K content on the iTunes Store.

Only Apple knows what will be said and shown on stage, we will all have to wait and see. I’m hoping it won’t be too long now.