Android O; Android Oreo – Double Stuff? (and New Emoji)

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Google has confirmed that the 8.0 release of the most popular mobile operating system is the world is dubbed – android Oreo.

Oreo brings with it enhancements to the software including;

  • Faster boot times; get to where you need to be, faster.
  • Background limits; stops apps from running in the background for too long – saving battery life
  • Autofill; much the same as we are used to in the web browser, this will now work within apps. Usernames and passwords will be auto-populated.
  • Picture-in-Picture will enable you to multi-task. Have a video call and continue to use your phone as normal.
  • Notification dots; when an app has an active notification, it will now have a dot in the top right corner to highlight that there is a notification for that app.
  • Google Play Protect; Apps in the Play Store will be subject to screening before they are allowed access to the general public.
  • Better battery life; improvement made across the whole OS will prove to be an asset to the battery life of your device.
  • New Emoji!; the new emoji outlined in Unicode 10/ Emoji 5.0 earlier this year will be coming to Oreo.  joining the new Emoji are the existing ones, with a whole new look.


Google’s Andriod Oreo 

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